Procurement &

Construction Services

in the oil and gas, Industrial Construction, Power Generation and PetroChemical industries


Project Feasibility

Developing a recommendation whether the project opportunity is the right opportunity

Construction Plan

Develop the specific construction execution plan, Quality Plans and Safety plans to ensure construction execution success.

Project Execution

Manage all facets of construction from the planning phases to the execution construction phases and finally the plant owner turnover delivery Phase. Manage project risks associated to peak workforce manpower and construction equipment needs.

Execution Plan

Develop the required process roadmap, the corresponding procedures and plans to efficiently develop industrial projects

Logistical Support

Advise clients with logistical, labor relations and ensure compliant with all applicable regulations and permits.

Start-up & Support

Provide operation support for plant pre-commissioning, commissioning, Start-up and Operation. Provide rigourous and detailed test requirement and sequence for the various different industrial plant processes.

Project Controls

Develop detailed estimate and freeze into a control budget. Develop corresponding detailed project schedule tied to the budget

Energy Funding

Work on behalf of clients to find the right private investment opportunity in the Energy, power, and petrochemical sector.

Material Procurement

Support client with material procurement such as pumps, valves, tanks and other industrial materials and services

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