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DFL is a Leading provider of Contracting and consulting services to Clients in the OIL and GAS, Industrial Construction, Power Generation and PetroChemical domain.

DFL specialty services begin at the very early stage of project feasibility, design, then migrates to contracting and execution, and finally commissioning, start-up and operation.

DFL is Instrumental in estimating project budgets and corresponding project detailed schedules. DFL is also experienced in developing the right contracting and procurement strategy to its client.

DFL is experienced in creating Company corporate processes and then developing corporate procedures and plans to streamline the executable information flow and achieve the required result and corporate performance variables.

DFL provides a core group capable of efficiently Manage Medium to Mega Project from Start to finish. Nonetheless, DFL also provides complimentary and gap filler talents within the different organizational chart needs.

DFL is well versed in connecting Companies with healthy growth and high potential with private investors. DFL experience in Mega Projects involving commodity producing clients, Major Construction Clients and complex final products, allows DFL to accurately assess private investment or Takeover.

DFL is experienced in Labor agreements processes and implementation, Labor risk evaluation and mitigation. DFL panoramic experience allows it to provide an overall Risk evaluation to projects and advise Clients of mitigation measure to reduce or eliminate project Risk.

DFL uses an internal project management system that allows for live cost and progress reporting system. Please contact us for additional details.

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