DFL International Contracting and Consulting Ltd. does not directly offer or supply engineering services. All engineering services are provided through a qualified and legally authorized third-party company and individuals.

Project early stage feasibility: – Developing a recommendation whether the project opportunity is the right opportunity and the staged risk evaluation has been followed. Considerable involvement in Project Charter, Design Basis Memorandum, Project Plot Plan and desired product

Project Execution Plan: Develop the required process roadmap, the corresponding procedures and plans to efficiently develop, execute and complete Medium to Mega industrial project

Project Controls: Develop detailed estimate and freeze into a control budget. Develop corresponding detailed project schedule tied to the budget. Complete the contracting Strategy In alignment with the project Budget. Develop recommendation for efficient organizational structure powered with a clear matrix reporting needs and established meeting requirements.

Construction Execution Plan: Develop the specific construction execution plan, Quality Plans and Safety plans to ensure construction execution success.

Logistical and compliance Support: Advise Client with project compliance, logistical needs, labor relations and help clients be compliant with all applicable regulations and permits.

Energy Funding Consulting: Work on behalf of clients to find the right private investment opportunity in the Energy, power, and petrochemical sector. In the same token DFL will work on behalf of promising commodity producing companies to raise private investment to fund the respective projects. DFL will support companies effort to become IPO compliant and be sold in the stock exchange.

Our Experience:

Our Staff and Consultants have a wide range on experience managing mega projects and a snapshot of what we are capable of, is as follows:

– Construction Management Execution Team

– Medium and Large industrial Project Cost Estimation and Risk Analysis

– Medium and Large industrial Project Scheduling and Risk Analysis

– Procurement and Contracting Strategy development and Execution

– Project Delivery Model development

– Project Control Plans development

– Cost and Schedule control loops

– Workflow Process Analysis and software tool deployment

– Interfacing with Construction Labor unions

– Quality and Safety plan development and Implementation

– Quality inspections, Source Surveillance and Tracking Systems

– Safety Inspections, Behavior based safety and Tracking Systems

– Safety Leading indicator Model Analysis and execution and early intervention

– Quality Leading indicator Model Analysis and execution and early intervention

– Project Key Performance Leading Indicator, execution and early Intervention

– Value Engineering and Procurement, Value Fabrication and Construction, Iterative Cost Benchmarking

– Project Reporting model and Structuring

– Project Meetings model and Structuring

– Project accountability model and Structuring

– Executive reporting

– Key Performance indicators analysis

– Mega-Project Fund Management

– Project Turnover to Operation

– Project Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, Startup and Normal operation

– Support Operating Facilities Shutdown projects

– Corporate and Project Specific organizational Chart and Roles and Responsibility Creation

– DFL is also well versed in the Investment funds industry targeting Megaproject In the OIL and Gas domain, Help Client target private investors for growth intention

– DFL has been in involved in helping clients reach IPO requirement for Stock Exchange trading

– Experienced In Developing Risk Registers and HAZOP Matrix

– Experienced in Consulting for Project Permit Application and Follow up

– Experienced in developing Project Specifications, Design, Material and Construction

– Experienced in phased project execution plans

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